In 2018, we launched our ALL IN Campaign to encourage a deeper level of giving and commitment to UMAR. Each year, UMAR begins with a million dollar deficit. We try to counter this deficit through fundraising efforts such as luncheons, online giving, creating partnerships with businesses and individuals, and donations. 80% of every gift you give goes straight to the bettering of our residents and participants, and partnering with UMAR in this campaign will provide much needed resources to enhance the delivery of the UMAR mission now and to ensure our provision of high quality, appropriate care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).


In order to accomplish this, we have identified strategic areas of growth to better help those we serve. We seek sufficient funding to serve current participants who do not have adequate resources to cover their cost of care and continue our commitment of service to those in our care who lose funding. Additionally, we seek the financial means to continuously improve our staff’s training and upgrade our technology so UMAR can masterfully handle the ever-changing challenges of healthcare transformation and increase the efficiency of our service delivery. Finally, we seek the economic resources to offer a wider array of services to better meet the needs of any adult with IDD who chooses them at the most appropriate level of care required.



  • Hiring a dedicated manager to oversee the expansion of community
    and periodic services
  • Hiring a nurse specializing in IDD to oversee complex medical issues and a nutritionist to assist with the dietary requirements of our residents 
  • Providing a comprehensive training and development program for managers and direct care staff focusing on leadership development and increasing job skill sets with a concentration on geriatrics and disease management specific to IDD
  • Improving the retention of our high-quality direct care staff by conducting a
    human resources compensation and classification study to assist with implementing competitive pay increases
  • Investing in technology including the purchase of an electronic medication administration system, human resources software, and additional recording service devices at each UMAR site
  • Creating an e-commerce venture to sell art online increasing art sales and generating job opportunities, including micro-enterprises, for UMAR artists