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Vocational Services

UMAR provides skills assessment, one-on-one job coaches and training to help job seekers find meaningful employment in the community.

Meaningful Opportunity

Services include:

  • finding and adapting jobs to meet the needs, abilities and choices of the individual
  • resume and job application assistance
  • interview set-up and training
  • job training, supervision and support

Participating employers receive:

  • The right person to fit the job
  • An enthusiastic employee who is ready to work
  • Free training and mentoring services
  • Chance to qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Are you an employer?

Don’t just hire an employee–hire the right employee who is eager to work. Our Participants have support and training and are ready to get started.

For more information contact:

Kathy Grant
Director of Vocational Services


For more information or to apply for services contact:

Kathy Grant
Director of Vocational Services