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Donate Now to Double Your Gift

In the next 30 days, if UMAR can raise $30,000 from generous supporters like you, the Rev. James Howell says Myers Park United Methodist Church will match your gift. Imagine .  .  . $30,000 could turn into $60,000!


Spread the Word

The clock starts today, so activate your networks! Tell your friends, neighbors, colleagues and communities about UMAR’s match campaign.  And, don’t forget to spread this news on social media. Share UMAR’s daily tweets and facebook posts with the hashtag, #ShareAbilities and encourage your friends to give to a worthy cause. Together, we can ensure each adult UMAR serves can discover and share their abilities with the world.

Ways to Give

You can donate online or mail checks to: UMAR, P.O. Box 1558, Huntersville, NC 28070.
To ensure your donation counts towards the MPUMC Match Campaign, mark checks or online donations MPUMC Match.