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Twice each year the smell of pancakes, eggs, bacon and syrup wafts from Gastonia and Lincolnton, N.C. churches.

On those evenings, eggs are beaten, batter is stirred and spirits are high as diners devour breakfast for supper, or as organizers of this biannual event say, ‘breakfast for UMAR.’


The biannual breakfast for UMAR began five years ago when a group of United Methodist parishioners decided to host and event to support UMAR.

“No one comes to a pancake meal who doesn’t love pancakes,” Phyllis Kaiser, a UMAR volunteer from Gastonia, said. “Since we knew people here love pancakes we decided to hold a supper in Lincolnton and a supper in Gastonia.”

“We get lots of compliments,” she added.

Kaiser and the committee invite residents from area UMAR homes, churches and the community to First United Methodist Church in Gastonia or Boger City United Methodist Church in Lincolnton. They share their love for UMAR residents and encourage their guests to do the same.

“We always encourage people to volunteer or support UMAR in some way,” Kaiser said. “But, we always warn them . . . if they don’t want to lose their hearts, UMAR is not for them.”

For Kasier and the committee, their hearts are lost, but they would not have it any other way.


To learn how you can get involved with UMAR, contact Cameron Hunter, Director of Development, at CameronH@UMARinfo.com or 704-659-7624.